Welcome to our new Blog and Service Directory

Mobile screenshot of Service Directory.

Our new blog will post product news, upgrades and specials as always but we are delighted to introduce a Directory of mechanics who service early Gold Wings.

We have wanted to create a directory for some time after talking to customers from across the country asking us who can work on their bike. We know there are repair shops that service early Gold Wings. And we know of customers, now retired, who spent decades servicing their own Gold Wings and plan to use their expertise and passion for hire.

The Service Directory is now empty because listings must be submitted by the service provider. Listings can be submitted to the directory from around the world at no charge. Locations have been set up by global regions. Subcategories such as country, state/province and city will be added as the directory grows.

The Add Listing form offers the opportunity to provide detailed experience, specialization and website links.

An email will be sent out to our customer base when we are ready to go live. Be sure to pass this on to those who have interest.

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  1. Looking for parts for the older GoldWing 1000, 1100, 1200, 1500, and the older 1800 I have some one looking for some one to repair his 1200 1986

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