Add On Accessories retires

After careful consideration all of us at Add On have decided that now is the time for us to retire and spend more time with our families. We would like to thank all of our loyal dealers for your support through the years.

Many of you have likely already heard the sad news. Add On Accessories has been the only distributor dedicated solely to Honda Gold Wings since 1975. Back in the 80s, Al Desmarteau of Add On and Gene Bileski of Saber Cycle would occasionally share shipments when all the Gold WIng distributors and dealers were importing from one maker in Taiwan. Add On sold us product when other distributors wouldn’t because we weren’t the typical “brick and mortar” business.

What this means to you right now is that the Add On products you added to Waiting Lists will not be fulfilled after all. We know of no other sources at this time.

We will always remember and appreciate the rich legacy Add On Accessories’ made to Gold Wing history over nearly 50 years. They will most assuredly be greatly missed by many around the world.

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